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All My Dating Sites For Sale as a Package

Updated 4/14: If you are interested in buying all my dating sites as a package, then please contact me using the contact link above. I’m asking $8,000 for them all. I am not willing to break up the domains because the source code for them will come with the deal and they are all running the same java code.

All domains are hosted in Rancho Cordova, CA, on a co-located Ubuntu server that cost $99 a month to host. I own the server which is Dell R720, Raid 5(3 drives), 16gig memory, dual power supply, dual lan cards, Intel quad core($2400 original cost). Written entirely in Java on the Spring framework. Running on Apache 2/Tomcat 7 web server and Mysql 5.5 database.

All the pages on the site have been re-written to be responsive (friendly to mobile devices also) using the BootStrap framework. The external pages have been keyword-ed for each site and all you need to do is run a build script to customize keyword page names before deployment. and are also included portal sites. is a subscription based site and they all could be, but it was the only one that ever charged membership fees. Currently it’s $1 for 1 year and that’s to keep the spammers away.

I only run Adwords for at ~$300 per month which comes back nearly 2 fold in Adsense earnings.

This site is not included.

Unique Traffic According to Google Analytics


Adsense Revenue


-Internet Monkey

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Buying Royalty Free Stock Photos for Your Website

 buy royalty free stock photos illustrations video audio flash websiteReview of

Where do I get my stock photos for the dating sites we own? Well, has been the most reasonably price site I found. So, If you are looking for a buy royalty free stock photos illustrations video audio flash for your website, then you cannot go wrong with, the original microstock agency. iStockPhoto had its start when founder Bruce Livingstone expanded the website to do more than selling his own photos and began accepting photos from other contributors for a small fee. He finally sold the website to Getty Images for US$50million in 2006, wow! Now why can’t you do that?


The website has an involved community and the largest base of contributors in the industry.  The user forums are where much of the action takes place and the user-to-user communication is top notch.

iStockPhoto has a wide variety of images, unique features and payment options. It allows you to narrow down your search by categories such as keywords, price range, file size, color, image type, name of the photographer or contributor. Over 50% of the content on iStockPhoto is completely original.

Pricing for Royalty Free Photos

iStockPhoto has its own currency known as credits. To buy an image from iStockPhoto , you pay with credits and each file costs a certain number of credits. The value of a file depends on the quality of the collection. The credits bought at iStockPhoto last for a year after purchase and are about $10 per credit. I recommend waiting for a promo and buying when one of those arerunning.

The other way to buy on iStockPhoto is through subscription where photos could be less than $1 each. This plan is what you should go for if you buy a large number of photos . Using this plan you can buy royalty free stock photos illustrations video audio flash for your website using your a credit card or PayPal account.

Make Money Selling Your Photos

Another option is to sell your own photos for others to use on their websites and make money, as we all like to, while you sleep!

How Do They Pay Content Contributors?

iStockPhoto pays each contributor a base royalty rate of 15 percent for each downloaded file, either with iStockPhoto credits or on a Pay As You Go basis. Exclusive contributors can earn up to 45 percent on the images. If a contributor’s images get downloaded by subscription, they get paid a flat royalty based on their exclusivity. Once the payments collected in a contributor’s account reaches $100, they can have the money sent to them by PayPal, direct transfer, check or by prepaid MasterCard.

How to Join and Contribute? Can Anyone Join It?

The sign up process at iStockPhoto is open to all, but it is important to have basic photography skills. If you’re interested in becoming a contributor, you should first apply to iStockPhoto . The process is long, but you will learn a lot about photography by the end of it.

First, you should become an iStockPhoto member – this takes less than a minute. Next, you should apply to be a Contributor – this takes much longer. Click on the file type that interests you and read the training manual that is provided to you. Once you are confident enough, take a quick quiz and try to pass it. The last step is to upload three best samples of your work along with your application. These files will be used by the staff at iStockPhoto to determine if you are qualified to be Contributor on


iStockPhoto ranks contributors based on the total number of sales he or she has. Each contributor on iStockPhoto has an icon that marks their ranking. They are:

  • Base = 1-249 sales
  • Bronze = 250-2,499
  • Silver = 2,500-9,999
  • Gold = 10,000-24,999
  • Diamond = 25,000-200,000
  • Black Diamond = 200,001+

Anyone who has a photo to sell can become a contributor on iStockPhoto and get a 15% royalty for each file downloaded, it’s so simple!

Can You Really Make Money With Your Hobby?

iStockPhoto pays much better than the other microstock companies out there.  You can make 15 to 45% of the earnings whenever someone buys your files. How much you make depends on the quality of your work and how much in demand they are. There is also a lot of competition on iStockPhoto that you have to reckon with. What’s important is to watch the market, stay ahead of the trends and be smart about your keyword optimization. iStockPhoto is certainly a great way for professional as well as amateur photographers to monetize their talent and make a great passive income – to connect with millions of people around the world who love their work and are willing to pay top dollar for it.

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Review of Email Marketing Service Provider –

email list marketing service provider getresponse.comBecause I have spent the time creating my own email processing application I feel like I should inform you that you really don’t want to do the same thing. It would be a mistake for you to think you could get your emails out as easily as a service provider that does this as a business. Most email send providers are already on the major email receivers white list and aren’t subject to the many road blocks you will run in to. But, you won’t discover this until you trying to do an email campaign of your own from your domain. Don’t even bother, just pay a provider like saving yourself the headache and pain.

So, in this email marketing service review, I evaluate, which is a popular email marketing provider. Compared to the other services in the business, GetResponse has quite a few advantaged, such as, high email deliverability, decent contact management features, responsive email design and a lot more.

Who Uses GetResponse Email Marketing Service?

GetResponse is mainly used by small to medium sized businesses looking for a cost-effective email marketing provider. GetResponse is easily scalable with flexible plans, and can manage massive subscriber lists. This makes it a favorite with internet marketers as well.

Let’s look at some of the important features of GetResponse.

Email Deliverability

Email deliverability is simply the percentage of emails sent by the email marketing provider or an autoresponder that reach the inbox of a subscriber rather than ending up as spam. GetResponse has a high email deliverability, close to 99%, which is one of the highest in the business, and well appreciated by internet marketers.

Contact Management Features

It is easy to manage contacts with GetReponse. The service offers an easy-to-use import tool that can handle several contact list formats, even those present in spreadsheet or text formats. GetResponse is also capable of handling contacts on online cloud based software such as Zendesk and Salesforce.

Email Creation Features

GetReponse uses Responsive Email Design. With GetResponse, there are dozens of email template designs to choose from. If none of available templates excite you, you can create your own designs using an easy-to-use drag-and-drop tool. You can get the design you want without having to use any complex HTML.

On getting the template of your choice, adding the text and images using the editing feature is as easy as it gets. However, it is always better to use one of the email templates given by GetResponse if you have no design experience. They also help you save time and effort and there is no reason to design the templates from the scratch.

Another great feature is the GetResponse Inbox Preview tool where you get screenshots of the email just as it appears on Gmail, Outlook and other popular email services. You can find out if the email looks great or not with just a click, before you send them out to your subscribers. This particular service is provided by GetReponse for free.

Ease of Use

GetResponse has a simple set up that will have you sending emails in minutes. You don’t need any knowledge of coding or prior experience with an email marketing service to get started immediately with GetResponse. It’s hard to think of an email marketing provider with a more user friendly interface – with large icons, buttons and easy drop-down menus. If still confused, there is always the 24/7 US-based GetResponse customer support to help you out, just a phone call or email away.

Reporting Features

Reporting on Getresponse is very comprehensive. It helps you track open rates, clickthroughs and unsubscribes and a lot more as well. With GetResponse, you can find which what lists somebody on your mailing list is on, their location, IP address as well as the emails previously opened by them. Getresponse shows the specific action taken by your contacts – who opened your emails or did not open your email and so on.

These are very useful tools that help you understand your prospects better, which allows you to design highly targeted email marketing campaigns that get you the best results. Following up and sending quick reminders is so much easier with GetResponse’s reporting features.


There is a free trial you can sign up on to make sure you like what GetResponse has to offer before signing on permanently. Thereafter, you may sign up for the basic paid plans in which you can send emails to 2,500 subscribers for $25 and to 10,000 subscribers for $65. There are many more additional features to be had with the premium plans as well, but they cost more.

Affiliate Program

GetResponse has an affiliate program where you can make money by referring its email marketing service to other people. You get a commission of 33% on every sale. GetResponse offers $135 for each person you get to sign up for the paid plans or get a $30 GetResponse Credit instead.

The Bottom Line

If you’re in the market for an email marketing provider for your new online business then, makes for a great selection. It has quality features, is easy to use and also the most reasonably priced among all the other choices you have in the market today.

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